Capture Stunning 1080P HD Videos Like A Pro With Blackbird 4K

The cutting-edge aerodynamic design of Blackbird 4K allows you to film amazing footage and take high quality photos easily every time you use it.

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32,000+ Drone Pilots
Trust Blackbird 4K’s Superior Durability and Easy Handling

Blackbird 4K is the number one choice for first time drone pilots and experienced enthusiasts. Featuring a lightweight, aerodynamic and portable design, Blackbird 4K is capable of recording amazing high quality video and photos in any weather condition thanks to its stabilized camera. In-built sensors detect obstacles and automatically avoid collisions, making it perfect to fly indoors or record action shots whilst on the move. That’s why thousands of drone pilots across the country recommend Blackbird 4K.

The High-Tech Drone That Has Over
32,000 Five Star Reviews

High Quality Videos and Photos

Blackbird 4K is equipped with a stabilized ultra-wide HD camera which records in super sharp 1080p. Capture stunning images and beautiful 360° panoramas even in strong winds.

Brilliant Flight Performance

Capable of flying up to speeds of 30mph thanks to its aerodynamic design and incredible efficiency, Blackbird 4K is the fastest drone of its size. 

Incredibly Portable

With propellers that can be folded inwards, this drone is small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket. Say goodbye to having to lug around bulky carrying cases!

Intelligent And Durable

In built sensors intelligently detect hazards and automatically change flying course, making this the perfect drone for beginners. But it has enough features to be rewarding for experienced enthusiasts.

What Makes The Blackbird 4K The
#1 Choice For Any Drone Pilot?

Blackbird 4K is your go-to solution for a portable, fast and durable drone that you’ll find a joy to fly. Compared to many expensive rivals, our drone doesn’t require hours of set up or charging to use. You can get flying straight out of the box, and you’ll be amazing friends and family with the footage you film in no time!

Long Battery Life

Save time charging and enjoy more time flying thanks to Blackbird 4K’s impressive extended battery life.

Quiet When In Flight

Blackbird 4K is much quieter than many other drones when in flight, making it ideal for filming wildlife or whenever you want to be stealthy!

No Complicated Set-Up

Just install the app on your phone, and that’s all there is to it. You can have Blackbird 4K up in the air in less than three minutes, straight out of the box.

Small Enough To Use Anywhere
But More Powerful Than Bigger Drones

Lots of drones are inconvenient to use regularly – but Blackbird 4K has been designed with practicality and ease of use in mind. Use it at home in your backyard, or take it with you on vacation to record all those special moments you’ll want to remember and relive. Blackbird 4K might be small in size, but don’t let that fool you – it can still do everything that bigger drones do, and much more!

Blackbird4K Has Over
45,000+ Five-Star Reviews



“Great drone for first time pilots. This is definitely not a toy, but a real drone with very easy to use features. The camera has decent image quality and does a good job! Shipping was fast and they kept me updated on delivery the entire way.”
– Caleb M.



“Very nice little drone with steady flight and altitude hold! You get a little more than you pay for in my opinion. Stream live video and take pictures that are accessible in real-time from your mobile device. I’m very satisfied and this is a fun little indoor bird!”
– Belinda K.



“This is my first drone, so I was excited to try it at home and see how it works. Good control sensitivity and it responds well. I was pleased with the battery life, and with extra batteries I can fly about as long as I’d ever want to. I ordered the version with three batteries and the carrying bag which I fully recommend.”
– Sarah W.


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